Quality Redefined

At GHOST we believe that quality is a virtue and we strive to achieve it in everything we do.

The MV1's design is truly focused on user enjoyment and comfort. Ergonomically designed to nestle comfortably within your hand, our lightweight alloy chassis, available in multiple finishes, combined with the tactile outer casing, soft touch activation button and haptic feedback allows for a pleasurable vaping experience with real ease of use.


Setting New Standards

Built to Medical Device Standards the GHOST MV1 stands out from the crowd. All component parts have been custom designed and engineered to extreme tolerances making the MV1 the safest, best performing vaporizer on the market and a pleasure to use for years to come.

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We're committed to providing a vaping experience like no other but we know that one size doesn't fit all, so the



The GHOST MV1 has been entirely custom built to deliver a revolutionary vaporizing experience

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