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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we are currently implementing a program. Please contact us and we will inform you once it goes live.

When will the GHOST MV1 be available to buy?

We are in full production and currently manufacturing our first batch of GHOST MV1’s but will not be taking orders until we have units available to ship from our US warehouse. We expect a limited number of units will be available from an advanced shipment arriving within the next few weeks and will be increasing availability as soon as possible thereafter, with our first main delivery from our factory expected to be arriving towards the end of August. If you would like to reserve your GHOST MV1 now, please enter your email address for the product of interest and we will notify you as soon as we have your chosen colour in stock.

How long does the battery last?

Our high-power battery pack, combined with a super-efficient design means the GHOST MV1 will deliver by far the best performance of any portable vaporizer in the category. Whilst the actual number of vapes will very much depend on the way the GHOST MV1 is used, tests have shown that over 100 full length vapes on the highest heat setting can be achieved on a single battery charge. Lower temperatures result in less frequent charging.

Is the GHOST MV1 an ‘on demand’ or a ‘session vape’?

The GHOST MV1 is designed to be an ‘on demand’ true convection vaporizer, which means you are in full control of when and how much you vape, ensuring your material is preserved between vapes, no matter how long that may be.

When will the GHOST App be available?

We are currently busy developing both iOS and Android versions of the GHOST App and we hope to have both versions released by the end of August, 2017.

How do I become a retailer?

To apply, please enter your details in our Become A Retailer section and our team will be in touch to discuss your application.

What is included with the GHOST MV1?

Included with your GHOST MV1 is a USB cable, an accessories pack including a spare crucible with lid, a concentrate pad, 3 picks, 3 isopropyl alcohol wipes, 3 cleaning buds and a quick start guide.

How long does the battery take to charge?

The GHOST MV1 has a high-power battery pack which is rechargeable and replaceable. Using the included USB cable, we recommend an initial overnight charge in order to get the longest life from the battery. Subsequent charges will be quicker, however due to the battery’s high capacity it will still take several hours to recharge fully from empty. We strongly recommend the purchase of a Fast Charger with the device to dramatically shorten charging times and to enable users to top-up the battery frequently and quickly.

How many temperature pre-sets does the GHOST MV1 come with?

The GHOST MV1 has 3 fixed pre-sets for herbs and 1 for concentrates. We will soon be launching an App which will allow you to unlock 2 favorite settings where you will be able to experiment by programming your own temperatures in to the unit, including higher heat settings.

Do I have to use the GHOST App to get the most out of my GHOST MV1?

Absolutely not as the GHOST MV1 works incredibly well straight out of the box, with the ability for you to select from the 4 pre-sets provided, including 3 for herb and 1 for concentrates. We do however strongly recommend that you download the App so that we can provide future software updates and compelling features to your device.

Where can I buy the GHOST MV1?

To begin with sales of the GHOST MV1 will be exclusively through our website. We are currently setting up a dealer network in North America and beyond. We will feature a list of retailers on our website as soon as possible.

Can the battery be charged away from the GHOST MV1?

Yes, the battery pack can be charged using the separate Fast Charger (sold separately) which has its own AC power adapter. You can also charge the battery via USB whilst using your spare battery pack in the MV1 (sold separately)

What is the temperature range of the device?

The GHOST MV1 delivers air in to the crucible at a pre-set temperature. The fixed pre-sets are: Low – 340f Med – 365f High – 390f When paired with the App you will be able to set the 2 favorite settings anywhere between 300f and 470f.

Can I update the firmware on the GHOST MV1?

Yes, firmware updates will be available periodically via the App using the Bluetooth connection. You will be notified from the app of pending updates. We advise that you keep your device up to date as we have a program of constant improvement in place, the result of which will be periodic firmware updates.

Which countries do you ship to?

Initially we will be distributing from the USA, but will be shipping orders internationally. Please check back with us once sales have started to see a full list of countries we will be shipping to.

Can the product be used when the battery is charging?

No, the product cannot be used when the battery is charging, but you can use a fully charged spare battery pack (sold separately) to continue uninterrupted vaping.

How long will it take for my device to reach the desired temperature?

Our true convection heating technology provides on-demand vaping and on first use takes around 5 seconds to preheat before you are able to start vaping. During a session, subsequent draws are much faster as the heat exchanger and air passing through the device pre-heat even quicker. The length of pre-heat is determined by the selected temperature, meaning the higher you go, the longer the pre-heat, but at a maximum we would not expect you to have to wait longer than 10 seconds for your first vape.

How do I share the love for the GHOST MV1?

We will feature a fantastic 'Refer-a-Friend' tool within the App for you to recommend to all of your friends that they should buy an MV1, allowing you to earn and them to save.

Does the glass mouthpiece get hot during use?

No, due to our unique heat sink technology, the MV1 delivers cool vapor every time, ensuring that the mouthpiece is never hot to the touch, but still provides a pure flavor.

How do I clean the GHOST MV1?

The GHOST MV1 is easy to clean and we will be posting full instructions on this website shortly. The only parts that need cleaning regularly are the crucible, crucible lid, heat sink assembly and mouthpiece. We recommend the use of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning these parts.

What is the chamber size of the GHOST MV1?

The GHOST MV1 crucible capacity is approximately 0.12g of your favorite herb. Due to the effectiveness of our proprietary technology this is roughly equivalent to 0.3g in comparison to most other vaporizers.

What is the best way to load the GHOST MV1?

For dry herbs, we recommend that you grind to a medium-coarse consistency and load the crucible loosely, level to the top.

Do I need to stir my material in between vapes?

Our true convection heating technology means that heat is distributed throughout the crucible in an even manner, meaning that no stirring of your material is required.