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Next Generation Vaping

Whether you're a vaping newcomer or looking for an enhanced flavor experience, the GHOST MV1 represents the very latest design & technology in portable electronic vaporizers for both herbs and extracts.

Exceptional technology

The GHOST MV1 is unlike any other portable vaporizer currently on the market. This is the only dry herb vaporizer that has been developed and built to medical device standards from the ground up to deliver true convection heating on demand. You no longer have to dream of a vape that delivers purity of flavor, zero charring, no stirring and precise temperature control... it's here.

See the Tech
"The Ghost Vapes MV1 may well be the best semi-portable, hand-held vaporizer in the world." Forbes Magazine
"This is the one guys, the vape we’ve all been waiting for... It has the highest overall rating of all of my Top Picks" The Vape Critic
"The GHOST MV1 is one of the hardest hitting vaporizers I’ve ever used… with such a fast extraction …up there with desktop power" Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
"This is something that has surprised me no end with the level of sophistication of its technology … the user experience is 100%" Vape Fiend
"The Ghost MV1 is versatile, looks cool, and it performs. A sure contender for Best Dry Herb Vaporizer." TheVape.Guide